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The High Seas
In the past three years, our Federal Police have intercepted nearly two tonnes of cocaine on the lucrative Pacific route. Now, 60 Minutes goes inside the multi-billion dollar cocaine war that stretches all the way from South America to Australia.
Stig Severinsen can hold his breath for 22 minutes. Watch as he swims the length of three Olympic swimming pools under metre thick ice. It's an extraordinary feat. But he's not done. What happens next, could kill him.
Musical Uprising
As the west is withdrawing its troops and the Taliban are gearing up for a comeback, Afghanistan is bracing for an uncertain and violent future. But there is resistance against the Taliban from a most unlikely source. Young girls are fighting back with beautiful music.
Flight MH370
Three weeks ago, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from civilian radar. Something or someone caused two different location devices to be switched off.
The Portland Murders
It's the crucial breakthrough in a 23 year old double murder mystery. On the afternoon of Friday the 3rd of May, 1991, two women were stabbed to death inside a hair salon, in the Victorian coastal town of Portland.
The Defector
For 17 years Marty Rathbun was a loyal deputy to Scientology's leader, David Miscavige. But then he did what no one in the Church expected - he left. Now, he is speaking out about what he witnessed inside.
School's Out
It's the new approach to education that will have you falling off your chair. There's no school and kids learn reading, writing and arithmetic during the course of everyday life. Giving your children control over their own education may sound crazy but you'll be surprised at some of the results.
Don't Look Down
James Kingston's exploits are truly exceptional. He is a so-called urban free climber - he scales construction cranes, tall buildings, towers and bridges with nothing to stop him from falling.
Daniel Morcombe: Tracking his killer
It's the biggest murder investigation in Queensland's history and the largest child abduction case in Australia. Daniel Morcombe's killer Brett Peter Cowan has finally been put behind bars.
Fall Out
When a tsunami triggered the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011, the world feared the worst and for good reason. It is the most devastating nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.
Russian Roulette
35 year old mother of two Kristy Cruise is slowly dying. A radical procedure could save her life but Australian doctors are refusing to treat her. So, Kristy is going to Russia to be blasted with chemotherapy for days, before being re-injected with her own stem cells.
Happy Snaps
Few people have looked into the eyes of an attacking saltwater crocodile and lived to tell the tale but Todd Bairstow is one of them. Almost three years later, Todd is ready to be reunited with the croc that tried to eat him for lunch.
Fighting Back
Thomas Kelly's parents have become strong campaigners against alcohol-fuelled violence after their son was brutally attacked and killed in Sydney's Kings Cross in July 2012.
The Bombay Sapphire
Bollywood churns out over a thousand films a year and sells 15 million cinema tickets a day. Now, they're all lining up to watch Aussie Pallavi Sharda. She's a lawyer who's traded the suits and courts of Melbourne for the costumes and movie lots of Mumbai.
Murder at Murphys Creek
Nurses Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans disappeared on a gap year in Queensland, 40 years ago. Now, 60 Minutes reveals what really happened to them and how the killers have escaped justice.
Mary's Miracle
Comedienne Mary Coustas and her husband George Betsis are finally happy parents to a healthy baby girl. Theirs is one of the most difficult stories to tell, because despite all of Effie's on stage jokes, Mary's private battle to become a mother has been heartbreaking.
The Killing Cove
You've seen the horrific pictures of the dolphin killing cove in Japan but now there's a bigger prize being hunted. The local fishermen have successfully caught a rare albino dolphin and are shopping it round with an asking price of half a million dollars.
Remembering Levi
Levi McCormack was a rare spirit. A little boy with a beautiful smile, which hid a debilitating heart and lung condition.
Off His Block
It's the spectacular rise and fall of Olympian Scott Miller. In the 90s he was the Golden Boy of swimming, but with success came women and drugs. Now, he breaks his 13 year silence.
The Great Shark Cull
Chris Boyd was savagely killed by a great white shark last November. As debate over the plan to cull sharks heats up, 60 Minutes speaks to his grieving girlfriend who says something needs to be done.
The Coward's Punch
Michael McEwen was attacked by cowards at Bondi Beach just before Christmas. He spent more than a week in a coma as his family held a bedside vigil, knowing his life hung in the balance. Now, he speaks for the first time.
It's a sport called slacklining and Liz Hayes reckons just watching it is a terrifying experience. It defies gravity and belief. One man, a bouncy rope and nothing between him and the rocky canyon - hundreds of metres below.
Jungle Fever
It's a foul-tasting, vomit-inducing concoction but it's got thousands queuing to try it. Ayahuasca is an hallucinogenic cocktail made from jungle vines and everyone is trekking deep into the Amazon to test its supposedly magic properties.
The Rolling Stones
No-one, least of all The Rolling Stones themselves, could have imagined that they'd still be together 50 years after first starting out. But, half a century on, they are the greatest rock n roll band of all time. And they can't stop touring the world.
Print the Future
For less than a thousand dollars, you can now own a 3D printer, hook it up to your home computer and make anything your mind can imagine. But with the good, also comes potential for bad and any number of experts are willing to show you how.
Toxic Flyer
Some experts are calling it the asbestos of the airline industry - it can result in a range of serious health problems, even death. It's called Aerotoxic Syndrome and it's caused by breathing contaminated cabin air.
Pain Free
Imagine not being able to feel any pain. That's the case for two amazing young girls called Ashlyn and Gabby. The idea of being pain free sounds extraordinary but when you hear their stories you might change your mind.
Big Blue
It's difficult to imagine the size of a blue whale until you come alongside one. They are the biggest creature to have ever lived. Hunted almost to extinction just a few decades ago, we're now missing vital information about how to protect the blue whale.
Death Defying
It was the comedy hit of 2011. The Hang Over Part II grossed $600 million at the box office. But behind the scenes the laughs turned to tragedy when Aussie Scott McLean was nearly killed in a stunt that went terribly wrong.
The Somerton Man
In 1948 and an unidentified body was found on Adelaide's Somerton Beach. Now, 65 years after he was buried there are moves to exhume him in an attempt to finally solve this lingering Cold War Mystery
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